Great Barrier Reef

As we left Cairns I was screaming of excitement! Fish, Sharks, Stingray. “It’s gonna be awesome.” I walked onto our first boat. It was pretty boring. We didn’t really do anything.

After about a hour and a half of slow driving we got to our night boat. We listened to the safety instructions then went snorkeling. No stingray but we saw a turtle and lots of fish. I was absolutely loving it. I couldn’t be happier.

We had lunch then went for another snorkel. It was awesome. Same thing though which made it not so fun.

We stayed in and played board games all afternoon.

Right before supper we went again but this time it wasn’t that good this time. Supper was amazing.

Happy B-day dad I thought when I woke up. It was seven am. Dad we missed the 6:30 swim. “Dad!” I looked out the window and there were no snorkelers out. So it wasn’t that bad. We ate breakfast and went for another snorkel.

It was awesome this time we saw clown fish and a stingray. I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to everyone. It was really fun.



We all struggled to get in the car that my dad had rented for two days. A small Audi! It was around midday and we were all really hungry! We dropped of our bags and began exploring for food.

We found a good sandwich shop and ate there before running through a salt water pool! We explored Cairns as we ate Baskin’s and Robin’s ice cream!

For dinner we found the best meat house in the world. I loved it! We went to bed directly afterwards.

“Today was going to be an animal day!” I said as I woke up. We were going to an animal habitat. After an hours ride we got their. We walked in and ate breakfast with the bird! It was so fun! Then we got reservations for a picture with a Koala and A baby Croc!We went on a quick feeding tour and came back to the photos! Did you know Koalas sleep for 19-20 hours a day? I got to hold the Koala and then after a brief show about the Crocodile i held it too!

We drove of hoping we would see Crocs on our Crocodile boat! At first birds, snakes all boring! Until we bumped into a 60 year old Croc! Four meters of pure strength! Amazing a male Croc! On our way back to the hotel I picked a little crocodile figure!

After we got off the boat from the Great Barrier Reef we went to Baskin’s and Robin’s! Then home. Happy B-day dad we said at the supper table as I pulled and tugged to get this stupid crab open! After about an hour I finally cracked open! Ate the meat then went home after a tasty but messy supper!




Scooter after scooter drove passed us as we drove through the disgusting Bali. The only thing good part was the cab. 20 scooters passed us every five minutes as we went along the 6 way traffic when there was only two lanes.

The arrival at the was not bad with 6 people waiting at the front door of our room. We decided to relax for the afternoon by our pool.

The morning after we had breakfast and went to the beach! My mom not so impressed because of all the dogs pooing on the sand but I was the happiest person on the beach! Surfing? Was amazing. Body surfing sucked but the waves were so fun to jump into! In fact Cassandra, me and my dad made up a game called under, over and through. Someone would say under, over or through and you would have to do that to the next wave! VERY FUN!

We had the same routine every day except when one day we went to Obud. (A city in Bali.) Everyone saw the temples except for me! You had to where squirts! No way am I going in!

Would not recommend to anybody in less you were very under budget! Recommend Singapore!


“Hi and welcome to Singapore!” said the taxi man at 11 PM. Mackie was already asleep on my mom’s shoulder.

We pulled up to the hotel after a long day of traveling. ” Wow this is beautiful!” I said. The elevators were covered with shining lights! We got up to our outstanding room and went straight to bed. I knew that Singapore was going to be awesome!

I woke up in the morning to sunny bright day ahead of us. I jumped out of bed and into the shower. Have you ever had a three way shower? Well I have! That’s right a three way shower! Amazing!

My dad already had the day planned out. “But what about breakfast? The most important meal of the day!” He said we were going to some kind of bakery. We walked outside! It was scorching hot.

We got to the main street ate at the bakery and it was to die for. Butter sugar and bread! Try and make it! It melts in your mouth! We walked around and shopped the rest of the day! But we also saw a merlion. Very cool! I also got a mean watch! Wearing it as I type this. Later that night we went on the Singapore flyer!

Singapore zoo today! Awesome! One of the top five zoos in the world. We got there and I was loosing my mind! I was running around in circles with excitement! We walked in and ran to the white rhino cage! I got to feed a white rhino! My sisters fed giraffe a giraffe. We walked around for hours! Kangaroos, tigers, warthogs. It seemed like they had every animal in the world!

Finally we left but stayed for the night zoo! We had a hour so we had a foot message! BY FISH! The fish came and nibbled on your feet and they took off all the dead skin! It was really fun!

We walked into the night zoo and went to a show! Interesting but lame! We walked around until our feet felt like they were going to fall off! We eventually got home and went once again directly to bed!

Woke up at six to fly to the delightful Bali!

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Space Reflection

What: This term our topic was space! We did space postcards, space art and space video’s! For our space art we did a collage a drawing and a kidpix! We did a space literacy contract. We watched many video’s and read lots of books! We also are working on a space website!

So What: This term I learnt that the dark spots on the sun are the colder spots! I learnt that Jupitur is a failed star and if it succeeded there would not be life on earth! It would be too hot! I also learnt that Uranus has rings! They are made of black ice and rock! I also kn0w that the Italian astronomer Galilio Galilie went blind from looking at the sun! He also got arrested because the catholic church went against him!

Now What: I want to learn more about the space shuttle and how hot the sun is! I also want to learn why Jupitur failed on being a star!

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A Night To Remember!

One weekend ago I had my big sleepover! The ding dong at the door was to a night that everyone will forget but us five boys will always remember! I invited Isaac, Patrick, Luke and Evan! I had the party all ready and set to go with three bottles of mountain due and 6 bags of skittles! But that was not enough!

Evan brought 3 more bottles of mountain dew and another bag of skittles! Also with cupcakes! Luke brought 3 more bottles of mountain dew! We now have nine litres of mountain dew and seven bags of skittles!I opened the first bottle of mountain dew and poured it in to everyone’s cups!

At 6:30 we went go carting! It was awesome! In first place is Luke! Congratz Luke! Second place is Isaac! You were hard to beat Isaac! And in third place is me!

We all got home and watched some movies with pizza and skittles! Our drinks, mountain dew!

I crashed out at about two but the rest up till five am! My mom had to come in and tell them to go to bed!

I really enjoyed myself!

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